Statement on Racial Injustice

Statement on

Racial Injustice

The Law Society of New Brunswick is deeply saddened by the events which have given rise to the Black Lives Matter movement both in the United States and in Canada. The Law Society further expresses its profound sorrow for the recent loss of Indigenous lives in our province.

As lawyers, we benefit from positions of power and privilege which necessarily entail great responsibility in ensuring that our institutions remain committed to the rights and freedoms of all persons. It is equally our responsibility to lend our voice to the condition of Indigenous and racialized people facing differential treatment within our Justice System as well as institutionalized racism. Within the Law Society, the Committee on Truth & Reconciliation continues to identify means by which the Society can best implement Indigenous practices and cultures within its organization. The Society is also looking at establishing a committee on diversity and inclusion in the fall.

In light of the recent events and the concerns expressed regarding unequal treatment in the Justice System, the Law Society of New Brunswick pledges to do what it can within its jurisdiction to battle systemic racism. We will work in consultation with marginalized groups to ensure culturally responsive actions. The Final Report in Truth & Reconciliation stated that apologies must also be accompanied by action that leads to true societal change. It is our responsibility as a Law Society to see this is done, leading by example. It is indeed by our actions we can best respond to those we serve.