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The Insurance Management Committee manages the Professional Liability Reserve Fund (the “Fund”) established and operated pursuant to the New Brunswick Law Society Act and Rules.  The Insurance Management Committee is composed of the following members:

Peter J. Beardsworth (Chair)
Brenda J. Lutz, Q.C. (Vice Chair)
John D. Townsend, Q.C. (Treasurer)
David R. Ames, Q.C.
C. Paul W. Smith
Matthew M. Tweedie, Q.C.
Lyne Raymond, Q.C.

Lucie LaBoissonnière, Q.C.
Sonia St-Pierre

The Fund provides the mandatory professional liability insurance program and facilitates the purchase of excess insurance for the benefit of Insured members of the Law Society of New Brunswick through the Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association.

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COVID-19 - Limitation periods

Q: What is the revised status of limitation periods?

A: The Minister of Public Safety issued a Mandatory Order on April 24, 2020, suspending certain provincial limitation periods. 
On June 19, 2020 the Minister of Public Safety issued a revised Mandatory Order that affects limitation periods in three areas of practice:

1. Mechanics Liens:
“A limitation period for commencing a proceeding and a time period for taking steps in a proceeding established under the provisions of the Mechanics' Lien Act or the regulations under that Act resumes running on July 31, 2020”;
2. Family Services Act:
“The operation of the provisions of Parts III and IV of the Family Services Act and of the regulations made under those Parts that establish limitation periods for commencing a proceeding continue to be suspended until December 19, 2020, and a limitation period established under those Parts or the regulations under those Parts resumes running on December 19, 2020”;
3. All other applicable provincial limitation periods:
“A limitation period for commencing a proceeding or a time period for taking steps in a proceeding resumes running on September 19, 2020.”

Full details in the renewed and revised Mandatory Order can be viewed (see paragraphs 19-24) at the following link:

Note: The Legal Profession Frequently Asked Questions on our website will be updated to include this question.

Voluntary Excess Insurance Program


Voluntary Excess Insurance Explained

Obtain a Voluntary Excess Insurance Application

Guide for New Brunswick Lawyers Transitioning in Practice

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Loss Prevention Tips

The Professional Liability Reserve wants to help lawyers reduce the likelihood of being sued for malpractice.  We will periodically provide you with news, updates and information to assist in your practice.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

REMINDER: Under your professional liability insurance policy you have an obligation to report claims made against you, and also an obligation to report any POTENTIAL claims. 

Coverage is provided for you, for any claims or potential claims reported: “provided that the Insured had no knowledge before commencement of the policy period of the Claim or potential Claim and could not reasonably have foreseen before commencement of the policy period that a Claim might arise.” (Policy paragraph 4.2)

If you are in circumstances in which a claim might arise against you, please go to our website and complete the Claim Report form found here: Claim Report


For information on membership and insurance change of status please click here.

Insurance Billing and Payment Options

Council of the Law Society of New Brunswick sets the net insurance fees for the mandatory insurance coverage on an annual basis.

Members have the option of making insurance fee payments in one of the two following ways:

  1. Default method -  annual billing with invoices emailed to individual members in one instalment due on July 1.
  2. Upon request by the member, monthly pre-authorized automatic debit (PAD) from an account with a participating bank or credit union in instalments paid on the 1st day of each month.
  1. A member must make request in writing by the 20th day of the month to be added to or removed from PAD payments effective the first day of the next month. To be added to PAD payments or change account information, please submit a signed Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement along with a copy of a void cheque.
  2. If a member fails to fulfill two monthly pre-authorized payments in a policy year, the Insurance Director shall have the discretion to remove the member from the monthly pre-authorized payment plan and return the member to the annual payment plan.

All payments that are returned for any reason must be replaced within 10 days. A processing fee of $30.00 plus HST shall be applied to all such payments to cover banking charges.

Three month minimum - Each insured member must have paid three consecutive months of insurance fees prior to being granted an exemption from the professional liability insurance program.

Save Time - Reduce Stress

The Professional Liability Reserve wants to save you money AND save you time from your hectic schedule. One way for you to do that is to pay your insurance levy by signing up for our Pre-authorized Direct Debit (PAD) program.

Switching to our PAD program will save you time and give you the peace of mind to focus on other things, without worrying about forgetting to pay and going through the costly reinstatement process.

See below for our Quick Facts:

How do you sign up for the PAD program? Please fill out our simple PAD Request form, which you can find here.  

Complete and sign the form and return it to our office with a VOID cheque.

If you have any questions about this program, feel free to call us at 506-451-1469.

New Brunswick Lawyers' Assistance Program

The Lawyers' Assistance Program (NBLAP) is a confidential service offering counselling, coaching and support to respond to any circumstance that affects your health, well-being and professional life. Services are available in person, by telephone or online at no cost to you. Appointments can be made quickly and locally, with your convenience in mind. Register using NBLAP as your company name to access the Homewood website resources, assessments and articles.

This program is available to New Brunswick lawyers, employees, judges, articling and law students and their families.

For free confidential help call:

Bilingual Service available
24 hours a day 7 days a week

New Brunswick Lawyers Assistance Program Brochure

NBLAP Website 



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Insurance Director

Lucie Richard, Q.C.

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