Exemptions from the CPD Requirements

Members who meet the following conditions will receive an exemption:

  • Members who change their membership status from practising to non-practising during the reporting year will automatically be exempted 1 CPD credit for each full calendar month in which they hold non-practising status.
  • Members who have completed the Bar Admissions Course are exempt from the CPD requirements for the reporting year in which the course was completed.
  • New members will only be required to complete 1 CPD hour for every full or partial month they hold practising status in New Brunswick.

Exemptions for Members who are Temporarily not Engaged in Practice

Members who wish to retain their practising status but are unable to fulfil the CPD requirements because of illness or parental leave, for example, may also qualify for an exemption.  These members must submit a Request for Exemption Form and the supporting documents to cpd-fpc@lsbnb.ca

Exemptions are only granted commencing the date the written request is received, except where it was impracticable to submit the request.