Eligible Activities



CPD Subject Matter Requirements for Eligible Activities

The CPD Requirements recognise a wide range of eligible activities in a variety of formats.  An accredited CPD activity is a formal instruction based session which may be offered by such organizations as the CBA-NB, CBA National, other educational providers, government associations, local Bars and law firms.  The session may be offered in person, online, or by teleconference.

In order to qualify for CPD credits, the subject matter for each type of activity must deal exclusively with one or more of:

  • Substantive Law
  • Procedural Law
  • Professional Ethics
  • Practice Management
  • Lawyering Skills

Types of Activities that may Qualify for CPD Credit Hours

Credits may be obtained for participation in online or in person courses, online interactive programs, teaching, writing, study groups or in-house educational sessions and for meetings with an educational purpose.  Credit may only be obtained for the actual amount of time dedicated to educational activity.

Summary of Criteria for Qualifying Activities

Credits may be obtained based on the following criteria. Note that all activities must also meet the subject matter requirement to qualify for accreditation:


Credits may be obtained for the actual time spent in attendance (in-person, online, video or teleconference).


One credit per hour of qualifying teaching credits. Credits for course preparation may be awarded if the audience is composed principally of lawyers, students-at-law and or law students, if the lawyer has developed the course content, and if there is an opportunity for the participants to ask questions during the activity.

One credit per hour of teaching may be awarded if the session has previously been taught in the reporting year, the session is aimed primarily at the general public or if the lawyer was chairing the program.


Credits may be obtained for writing law books or articles intended for publication. The writing must be on a volunteer basis and credits are available for the actual time to produce the final product to a maximum of 6 hours.

Study Groups/In-house Educational Sessions

Credits may be awarded if the following conditions are met: 

  • at least two lawyers are together for educational purposes;

  • a lawyer has the overall administrative responsibility or chairs the meeting;

  • the session is structured;

Only the portion of the meeting devoted to educational activity may be credited.

Local Bar and other Meetings with an Educational Purpose

Credits may be awarded if at least two lawyers participate at the same time for an educational purpose and the session is structured.

Consult the CPD Requirements for more information about each type of qualifying activities.

Online Interactive Programs

Up to a pre-accredited limit per online program.  The program must include a quiz component.