Annual General Meeting

Annual General


The 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Law Society was held at the Algonquin Resort in Saint Andrews on June 23rd, 24th and 25th.

New Executive

At its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, June 24th, the Law Society of New Brunswick elected its new Executive for the 2023-2024 term.

Catherine Fawcett, K.C., of Saint John

James L. Mockler of Fredericton

Anik Bossé, K.C. of Edmundston

Left to right:  Justin Robichaud, K.C., Past President, Catherine Fawcett, K.C., President, James L. Mockler, Vice-President, Anik Bossé, K.C., Treasurer, Marc L. Richard, K.C., Executive Director


 2023 Life Members

On Saturday, June June 24th, the Law Society of New Brunswick honoured its newest life members during the Annual Banquet. Life membership is given to members of the Law Society in good standing who have been in practice for 50 years.

This year’s recipients were:

• C. Dwight Allaby (deceased, May 20, 2023)
• J. Alyre Boucher, K.C.
• John H. Evans
• Charles M. Ferris
• Jean-Eudes Gaudet, K.C.
• D. Paul Hayes
• M. Robert Jette, K.C.
• R. Bruce Johnson
• Michel C. Leger
• Terrence P. Lenihan
• Paul E. McIntyre, K.C.
• R. Alex Mills
• J. David O’Brien, K.C.
• Alan D. Schelew
• Graeme S. Shaw
• George B. Smith
• Ronald W. Sutherland
• John DeVeber Trevors
• G. Melvin Turner, K.C.
• John D. Wallace
• William H. Watts
• John R. Williamson, K.C.
• W. Stephen Wood, K.C.

Left to right, front row: Terrence P. Lenihan, Michel C. Leger, Jean-Eudes Gaudet, K.C., George B. Smith, John H. Evans

Left to right, back row:  R. Alex Mills, J. David O’Brien, K.C., M. Robert Jette, K.C., D. Paul Hayes, Paul E. McIntyre, K.C., Justin Robichaud, K.C., (Past President)