Process for Lawyers from another Province (National Mobility Agreement)

Process for Lawyers

from another Province

Transfers under the National Mobility Agreement & Territorial Mobility Agreement

Lawyers who are from a Canadian jurisdiction that has signed and implemented the National Mobility Agreement (NMA) or the Territorial Mobility Agreement (TMA) (reciprocating jurisdictions) may apply for admission (transfer) to the Law Society of New Brunswick. For complete information please consult sections 44 and 45 of the General Rules under the Law Society Act, 1996.

Who can apply?

Lawyers who are engaged in active practice in one or more of the reciprocating jurisdictions immediately preceding the application for admission and who are members in good standing authorized to practice law in their home jurisdiction may apply for admission under the terms of the National Mobility Agreement or the Territorial Mobility Agreement.

Application Process

Applicants must complete and submit Application for Admission of a Person Admitted in Another Province of Territory of Canada (Form 11). The following documents must be included with the application:

  • Non-refundable fee of $1,725 (including HST) for administration and the reading material.
  • Original Certificate(s) of Standing (dated within the last 30 days) from each Law Society of which you are or have ever been a member, in and outside Canada.
  • A copy of your Birth Certificate or Canadian passport
  • Official transcript from the University where you obtained your law degree.  Note: You must request the University to send your official transcript directly to our office.
  • Additional documents as required.

Upon receipt of an application for transfer under the terms of the NMA or the TMA and the application fee, the Society will advise applicants of the materials they are required to review to qualify for admission.  Applicants must certify by filing a Form 11A that they have read and understood the reading material prior to admission.

Practice in New Brunswick prior to Admission

Before providing legal services in relation to New Brunswick, transfer applicants must first obtain the permission of the Executive Director. In order to qualify you must be entitled to practice in your home jurisdiction and have coverage for indemnification against professional liability claims to the full extent required by your home jurisdiction and that coverage must extend to the practice of law in New Brunswick. Please complete and submit the Request for Permission to Practice Pending Completion of Transfer Application. To learn about the additional conditions which may apply, contact the (Admissions Department).

Learn more

For more information, refer to Rules 44 to 45 of the General Rules under the Law Society Act, 1996.  All questions should be directed to the Admissions Department by calling 506-458-8540.