Bar Admission Course

Bar Admission


The New Brunswick Bar Admission Course is an intensive face to face, full time, four weeks plus one day, legal procedures and skills course.  The course is designed to help you bridge the gap between law school and the practice of law.  The four week course is divided into two modules each lasting two weeks.  All courses are given at the office of the Law Society at 68 Avonlea Court in Fredericton. 

Students-at-law are advised not to make any plans that would interfere with attendance at the course.  All sessions are mandatory.  The time spent at the Bar Admission Course will not be counted in the 48 weeks articling period.

Is it necessary to have an articling position secured to apply for enrolment in the Bar Admission Course?

Yes. Students must have a commitment of articles before applying for registration to the Bar Admission Course.  The onus of obtaining an articling position rests entirely on the student. However, if you are not able to find articles, contact us, we may be able to offer some assistance.

Structure and focus of instruction

Each session involves skills workshops organised by course leaders for each subject.  You will learn the basic skills of drafting, interviewing, negotiating, and advocacy.  You will practise these skills by doing various exercises such as drafting pleadings, wills and commercial documents, negotiating settlements and examining witnesses.

Workshop materials are provided to students at the beginning of each block.  Before each block, students will be asked to read the practice materials for each practice area.

What are the dates for the course?

A one day Orientation to the Practice session is held in June.  The first two week block is held in the fall and the second in the spring.  Consult the Important Dates section of our website.

How do I register?

Once you have secured articles, you may register either in the French or English course by completing the Law Society of New Brunswick Bar Admission Course Registration form. Once you have made the decision to take your Bar Admission Course in French or in English you will not be able to change sections.  The form must be mailed to the attention of the Director of Admissions at the following address:

Director of Admissions
Law Society of New Brunswick
68 Avonlea Court
Fredericton, NB  E3C 1N8
Phone: (506) 458-8540 / Fax: (506) 451-1421

What accommodation is available to a student with disabilities?

The Society is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities receive reasonable accommodation to minimize the effect of the disability as much as possible during the course, while maintaining the validity of the assessment procedures.

A student with a disability may apply in writing to the Director of Admissions for accommodation in any part of the course.  The Accommodation Application Form must be received at least 30 days before the start of the Course session for which the student is seeking accommodation.

Please contact the Director of Admissions for additional details.

What are the attendance requirements?

Attendance at each session of the Bar Admission Course is mandatory. Students must be punctual, as attendance will be taken each day.   The Bar Admission Course Committee has set a policy permitting absences for reasons of illness and/or death of close family members only.   Remedial assignments will be assigned at the discretion of the Course Leader and the Director.   Requests for permission to be absent for any portion of a workshop must be forwarded to the Director of Admissions in writing in advance of the block.

You will not be given permission to attend work related matters nor to attend to personal obligations.  You are required to participate fully in all session and to complete all readings, exercises and assignments.  Involvement in other work, regardless of its nature, will not constitute an adequate reason not to attend a session.

What are the requirements to successfully complete the course?

Assignments:    Students are assessed on practical skills and on class participation throughout the Bar Admission Course.  You will be required to complete assignments which will be evaluated by your instructors.  In order to successfully pass the course, you must complete all assignments and demonstrate that you have obtained the desired competency on each assignment.  A student who has not yet demonstrated the minimum level of competency on an assignment will be asked do the assignment until the required competency is demonstrated.

All assignments submitted late will automatically receive a standing of “competency not yet demonstrated” and the student will be required to complete a supplemental assignment.

Class participation:  Your attendance in class will be assessed at the end of each block on performance and class participation.  This assessment will be completed by the course leader who has the option of passing or failing a student based on your participation and effort in the class.

A student who accumulates three (3) failures from three (3) different course leaders either on an assignment or on class participation is deemed to have failed the entire Bar Admission Course.

Course fees

The current fee for the Bar Admission Course is three thousand dollars ($3,000.00 + H.S.T.), which includes the cost of all exercise materials and the first sitting of the Bar Examinations.   A student who wishes to obtain a set of Bar Admission Course materials in the other language may do so.  The cost of a second set of materials is two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00 + H.S.T.).

Payment for the Bar Admission Course can be paid in two separate increments. The first half must be received before September 1 and the second half must be received before March 1.