Admission to the Law Society


to the Law Society

About the Admissions Ceremony

The admission ceremony will take place in June, and at other times during the year, as required. In order to be admitted in June, students-at-law must start articles no later than June 1. Students-at-law who begin articles after June 1 will be admitted at a later ceremony. If you have not completed the term of articles by June, contact the Director of Admissions to make other arrangements.

In New Brunswick, all new lawyers must take the Barristers and Solicitors' oath or affirmation during the admissions ceremony and may choose to also take the oath or affirmation of Allegiance to the Queen. These may be taken in either French or English.

All Admissions Ceremonies take place in Fredericton at the Court of Appeal.

Who is eligible for Admission as a barrister and solicitor?

Candidates who have completed the Admissions Program, mobility and transfer candidates (licenced in other Canadian jurisdiction), and members of an approved faculty of law may be eligible for admission.

Generally, admission to the Law Society of New Brunswick follows completion of the Admissions Program. For some candidates however, including lawyers transferring from within Canada, completing the Admissions Program may not be required.

Required Court Apparel for the Ceremony

All candidates for admission must appear in full court apparel, which consists of: black shoes; black or dark grey socks or black, dark grey or natural hose; black vest; black gown; and white shirt with stiff wing collar and white tabs.

Filing Requirements

Candidates will receive a letter from the Law Society near the end of the articling term that will include information about membership options and fees. Students-at-law will also be reminded which forms must be filed with the application for admission to the Society.

Students-at-law should refer to the Admission Program Guide for complete information.

Practising or non-practising status

Students-at-law must choose either practising or non-practising status prior to the Admissions Ceremony. Refer to the Membership and Change of Status page of our website.

Professional Liability Insurance

All members who intend to practice law must obtain the minimum insurance coverage necessary from the New Brunswick Professional Liabilty Reserve. Coverage is mandatory unless your application for exemption therefrom is accepted. If you are to be exempted, you must complete and submit an exemption form (Form 25). Contact the Admissions Department for further information.

For more detailed information about the professional liability insurance, consult the Professional Liability Reserve page of our website.